By developing an in-depth understanding of your business, we are able to act as your partner. We efficiently provide employment solutions, allowing you to focus your resources where they add the most value and productivity to your company.

Immediate Response

We understand that the search for talented candidates is often a long and time-consuming process. Although not always immediately evident, the time and resources spent by most companies in attracting and maintaining reliable talent often drains the company and results in missed opportunities and decreased productivity. At BanyanBrown, our experienced consultants strive to address each of your company's professional needs immediately.

Experienced "Local" Recruiters

Each member of our recruiting team is carefully chosen for the industry-specific set of skills that they possess. Our team is composed of longtime Southwest Florida residents who hold industry experience, in addition to their professional staffing skills. BanyanBrown's recruiters are not interested in placing "warm bodies" at every opportunity; instead, we strive to build relationships with your company and provide successful solutions to your employment needs.

Dynamic Recruiting

Typically, the most talented and valuable individuals are not actively seeking new employment, but are providing outstanding performance at their current positions. BanyanBrown understands that these are the candidates whom you would like to meet. Our recruiters take an active approach to locating these candidates through a rigorous networking and advertising program. As a result, BanyanBrown obtains nearly 80% of our candidates through referrals. We feel that referrals are the ultimate endorsement of our business and that referrals have been the key to building our network of qualified, reliable professionals.

Atypical Client Service

BanyanBrown knows what works in recruiting talented employment candidates. Let us help guide you through the recruiting and hiring process by using our experience to develop a successful approach for your unique needs. To complement our primary Client Services, BanyanBrown also offers customizable candidate screening, interview consultations and development, salary negotiations, staff training, and employee satisfaction profiling. BanyanBrown also maintains a comprehensive insurance package (see Insurance and Other Information) and maintains a rigid privacy policy concerning all aspects of your business.

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